Today every profession demands full-time earning opportunity so how can writers stay behind. To earn full-time income as a writer, you must be ready to foster and market like a genius. No wonder that can only be achieved through book marketing and promotion via internet. It is a fact that above than 60% of all US sales happens to be online and stats are going up annually. Hence, it is required to make connection between internet marketing strategy and potential readers for your book.

In case of self-published authors, it is possible to reach up to 90% of online book sales. Internet has capacity to sell your book 24/7 .Through internet; you can promote your book via four best ways:

  • Making your own website
  • Social media campaign for marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Amazon book ads with Amazon Marketing Services
  1. Start with Author Website to Sell Your Book(s).

It is highly recommended that author should strive for their own website platform where they can promote and sell their work and make networking for future launches as well. In website platform, you can sell your book along with blogging, email listing for signing up your fans, followers and new prospects to your website hence making it central point for promoting your book with the proper authority on website. Avoid using free websites like,,,, or as these free websites, there is always a threat of getting bankrupt and you don’t have authority to control them and they can pull your site down and delete everything without notice. Also they allow and limit to certain features by their will, like there is no option for building email list or sometimes they will provide you with this feature but make it costly and loss of subscribers per month too can be held.

Moreover, it is a fact that WordPress software is building more than 25% of websites also providing free and inexpensive author themes that are user friendly as they are easy to install and update with command over text display and graphics without programming. Things to consider while making author website are Contact page, about page and a page about your book.

  1. Social Networking

Social networking is vital for connection with your readers and fans. Through social media, you can do informal discussion about your work and get positive feedback. You can make relations with your readers by posting your photos, about your area of interest, and your favorite spots. You can share with them about how you got into writing profession, how you search characters from real life into your books and your area of interest while writing, how you get inspiration from other writers and why you like their work etc.
  1. Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Here audience is objected by keyword when they look up for literature of an obvious genre. Let’s consider, when a reader hunts for Kindle book about drawing, it can be selected from the Department dropdown box and by typing “Drawing Books” in the Search box, you will proceed to a queue of kindle books related to drawing. If you’re on a really compact account, just kick a start with Sponsored Products ads as they are likely to be more money making on average, almost 90% success rate provider.

  1. Amazon Product Display Ads

Here readers are sorted depending on their liking in particular book niches. It works like if you are author of book entitled as how to become a better cricketer, you could use here Amazon Product Display Ads to upfront your book in eyes of Amazon customers who have recently viewed or purchased cricket-gaming related stuff.

Moreover, which type you choose, assure to focus on your branding, make your cover and blurb exciting and eye-catching respectively to make it confirm that readers will download your book for sure.


If these are not for you, create your own online store and start selling things like your electronics online.